Story Snapshot - The Down River Timeline
The Wilcannia Mob Story is much more than a story about a boy band fromthe bush. It involves the whole community, several arts workers andyears of different workshops and community events. The success of thesong Down River was the catalyst of many other things to occur for theyoung people of the community. It was the first bit of positivepublicity the community had had in a long time. One of the elders saidat the time: “These boys are saving our town.” The time line below isan extract from the book.

February 1999

Shopfront Theatre for Young People performs Rated X in Wilcannia.

September 1999

A team of artists from Shopfront Theatre goes to Wilcannia to runworkshops at the Wings Drop-in Centre. Keith, Wally, Lendal and Colroyare all living in Wilcannia and participate in workshops. Buddy is inBroken Hill.

April 2001

The Shopfront Team returns to Wilcannia to run more workshops.

September 2001

The Shopfront team returns to Wilcannia for another two and a halfweeks. It produces a hip hop album for the community called BarkandjiBeat. Down River is one of the songs.

December 2001

Brendan returns to Wilcannia to run a holiday program.

January 2002

Wally moves away to Dubbo with his grandparents Barbara and Patrick.

August 2002

morganics gives his album of hip hop from several communities to Triple J. Down River goes onto high rotation.

November 11 2002

ABC releases the album All You Mob, which includes Down River.

December 5 2002

Lendal performs at Sydney Dreaming in Olympic Park, Sydney.

December 12 2002

The Wilcannia Mob performs on the main stage at Homebake.

January 2003

All You Mob is listed in the New York Times’ Top 10 alternative albums of the year for 2002.

February 2003

Brendan moves permanently to Wilcannia to run the Wings Drop-in Centre.

March 2003

Down River is included in Triple J’s Hottest 100, 2002.

October 2003

The Barkandji Boys win the Deadly Award for Best New Single 2002. They attend the award ceremony at the Sydney Opera House.

May 2004

The Barkandji Boys perform in River Rhythm Beat Box at Sydney OperaHouse with 15 other young hip hop artists from Far West NSW. BarryHunter joins the crew for this performance. Buddy is now living inArmidale.

February 2005

SoundzWest studios are set up in Wilcannia and Broken Hill for youngpeople to record their own tracks. Buddy has moved to Gosford.

June 2005

The Wings Drop-in Centre in Wilcannia upgrade is finished. Now thereare pool tables, air conditioning, computers and arcade games. 70 kidsa day are dropping in.

August 2007

UK artist MIA releases a re mix of the song called Mango Pickle Down River on her latest album – KALA.