Meet the Crew

Five young aboriginal boys and four adult artists were the original crew, but many other young people from Wilcannia also recorded songs during the workshops, and two of them – Barry Hunter and Aemon Salmon, join the boys in their second and third songs.

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wally_small.jpgWally Ebsworth:  Born in 1988 in Bourke, Wally is Wangkamarra on his mothers side. Now living in Dubbo, Wally loves music and featured as a guest MC with the Back Lane Brothers from Bourke on their single, Floating Free.

buddy_small.jpgBuddy Blair: Born in 1990, Buddy has Parkandji, Gamiliroi and Kanaka Heritage on his mothers side. Buddy is still “moving round from town to town”, currently living with family in Adelaide and looking at tertiary study options.

lendal_small.jpgLendal King: Born in 1993, Lendal is Barkandji on his mothers side and Gamilaroi on his fathers.  He is the youngest of the boys. He still lives in Wilcannia with his mum Kerry and her husband Sean Moloy.He has 26 first cousins on his mothers side and Colroy is one of them.

colroy_small.jpgColroy Johnson: Born in 1992, Colroy is Barkandji on his mothers side. His and Lendals mums are sisters. Colroy is the eldest of seven kids and currently lives in Bourke.

keith_small.jpgKeith Dutton: Born in 1989, Keith is Parkandji on both his mothers and fathers side. He lives in Wilcannia. Keithys unique voice has made him famous all over Australia.

morgan100.jpgmorganics: Born in Brisbane, Morganics runs hip hop workshops throughout Australia and internationally. He also produces his own music and performs throughout the world. His latest album is Odyssey.

willags100.jpgWire MC: A Gambangiri man from Bowraville, NSW, his trip to Wilcannia in 2001, was the first time he had run workshops in a community. He now runs workshops and regularly performs around Australia. He has two sons, Sam and Tas.

drop_in100.jpgBrendan Adams: A Ku-ku Yulangi Man from Hopevale, QLD, he first came to Wilcannia to teach Aboriginal Dance with Shopfront Theatre. He came back to be part of the Wilcannia family and now runs the Wings Drop-In Centre. He is married to Felicity Hunter and they have three children, Barma, Knomi and Bapala. His eldest daughter Djadarra  ( Taneisha) is also living with them.

watudidge100.jpgDaniel Wright ( Watu) : From Taree, NSW, when Daniel first came to Wilcannia as Brendans dance partner. He is a dancer and didge player. He currently lives in Toowoomba. He created the distinctive didge sound that is in the track Down River.