Down River: The Wilcannia Mob Story is a 48 page, full colour illustrated version of the journey taken by the five young boys, their families and their community. It traces their origins from a makeshift recording studio in a town long forgotten, to becoming over night celebrities with international acclaim. It is a story of hope which shows us that when hearts are open and people work together, anything is possible.


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Making of the Book
The idea for the book came from the Wilcannia community and the boys families. When it became apparent that there was going to be some income from the song Down River, author Melinda Collie-Holmes travelled out to Wilcannia in March 2003 to set up the trust fund for the boys.
Meet the Crew

Five young aboriginal boys and four adult artists were the original crew, but many other young people from Wilcannia also recorded songs during the workshops, and two of them – Barry Hunter and Aemon Salmon, join the boys in their second and third songs.

Story Snapshot - The Down River Timeline
The Wilcannia Mob Story is much more than a story about a boy band fromthe bush. It involves the whole community, several arts workers andyears of different workshops and community events. The success of thesong Down River was the catalyst of many other things to occur for theyoung people of the community. It was the first bit of positivepublicity the community had had in a long time. One of the elders saidat the time: “These boys are saving our town.” The time line below isan extract from the book.

People who made Down River possible.

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