book.pngIn August 2002 the Song 'Down River' became an overnight hit. Five boys aged 8 to 12, had recorded their own rap lines to a simple didjeridoo beat and it struck a chord in the hearts of music lovers across Australia.

The boys became known as the Wilcannia Mob when the song hit high rotation and the media came looking for the new 'boy band' from far western NSW. Till then  they'd been just a bunch of passionate kids having fun at a holiday workshop.


Listen to the Music

allyoumob.jpgHip hop producer morganics has recorded a whole catalogue of music with Aboriginal communities throughout Australia. Here is a small selection of songs that feature the Wilcannia Mob.


Meet the Crew

Five young aboriginal boys and four adult artists were the original crew, but many other young people from Wilcannia also recorded songs during the workshops, and two of them – Barry Hunter and Aemon Salmon, join the boys in their second and third songs.


About the Book

Down River: The Wilcannia Mob Story is a 48 page, full colour illustrated version of the journey taken by the five young boys, their families and their community. It traces their origins from a makeshift recording studio in a town long forgotten, to becoming over night celebrities with international acclaim.